Locks Fitted

Properly fitted locks by a reliable locksmith will keep you safe and secure.

Fitting locks for your home or business should never be a do-it-yourself job. Why? Because you can’t risk a poorly fitted lock on your home or business. It makes you less secure and ripe picking for burglars.

It takes great care, skill and know-how by a professional locksmith to correctly fit the locks that’ll keep your family and property safe at night. Serving the Swords and Dublin area, The Lockman has the proven expertise and skill to fit a wide range of locks on any type of residence or building.

We’ll always do a thorough job that keeps you safe and up to code. First, we’ll fully inspect the premises to assess your needs. And then we’ll talk to you about the types of locks you’ll need to secure the area properly. As trusted locksmiths, we’ve secured both homes and commercial properties with the best and most modern lock fitting solutions.

And there is no solution we cannot provide. We install locks to all types of doors and all types of windows. We install locks to wood, metal, and uPVC. We can also install electronic locks as well. Whatever your needs, we’ll make sure your home or business is completely safe and secure with properly fitted locks.

If you’re looking for someone trusted at fitting locks the right way, then you need to hire The Lockman — Locksmiths Dublin. Just give us a call and we’ll be ready to assist you.

At Lockman- Locksmiths Swords we  supply and fit a wide range of multi-point locks from:

  • GU locks
  • Fix locks
  • Era locks
  • Yale locks
  • Winkhaus locks
  • Avocet locks
  • Ferco locks
  • Lockmaster locks
  • Fullex locks
  • Fuhr locks

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