Car Keys, Lost Keys, Programming

A trusted locksmith is always the best choice for car key replacement, repair, and programming.

The Lockman provides the most reliable and modern solutions to replace or fix car keys. We use all the latest technology for programming keyless remote or transponder keys. And we use the best methods for cutting traditional car keys. Whatever your situation might be, we’ll always have the right solution for your type of vehicle.

Why us? Because we’re trusted locksmiths who faithfully serve the Swords and Dublin area. And we’ll always do our best to fix any car key problem you might have with the most modern solution. We can repair or replace any type of key. We can also create spare keys and reprogram your old car key if necessary.

We know the keys to your vehicle can be become damaged or lost at the worst possible time, putting you in a dire situation. This sort of thing can happen to anyone. That’s why we’re ready to help you with locksmith services 24/7 if you lose your car keys or lock your keys inside your vehicle by accident.

The Lockman — Locksmiths Dublin —  provides complete solutions for car keys. No matter the date or age of your car, we know and understand all the methods to cut and program any type of key. And if you’re in a bad situation, we’ll always be ready to help you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

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